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What is brain? Why do we conduct so many researches about brain? The greatest scientist of the 20th century Albert Einstein said that it is the understanding of unlimited potential about brain that is one of the greatest founding of humankind. The potential of human brain is unlimited. Some psychologists think that human brain only 3% is under using, some others think the data may be 5 %. No matter which one is accurate, we can get a consensus that more than 90% of the brain is under the dormant condition. Up to now, Albert Einstein was considered as the most intelligent person of the world. His brain was dissected after he died. They found that even Albert Einstein, his brain merely used 11%. The human brain is currently the most complex human organ of known universe, with nearly hundred billions of neurons, generating trillions of connections. At present scientists have decoded a small part of the main function in the brain, however, there are more mystery waiting to be cracked. The mysterious brain has brought people of infinite daydream. The plan of the human brain function comes into scientists’ horizons. In 1955, Makoto Shichida put forward developing the potential of right brain. In 1989, The United States was the first to launch a nationwide brain science program, and that 1990 to 2000 were called as the decade of brain. After “the decade of brain” of the United States was put forward, the international brain research organization (IBRO), relevant academic organizations and many countries all made quick responds and "decade of the brain" plans became a worldwide action. On April 3th of 2014, Obama said “As humans, we can identify galaxies light years away; we can study particles smaller than an atom. But we still haven’t unlocked the mystery of the three pounds of matter that exists between our ears.”Now we have to admit that it’s the time of brain. Brain time is coming. “Here, we don’t know what the goal is. What does it mean to understand the human mind? When will we be satisfied? This is much, much more ambitious.” Obama said. It is the same to the countries all over the world.

The development of brain science will change the existing of neuroscience, even the situation of the whole medicine. It will discover new ways to treat, cure, and even prevent central nerve system diseases. In 21 century, the achievement of brain science will bring powerful influence in medicine science and biological science. I am not sure if it would open the door of true artificial intelligence era, but it seems artificial intelligence would be coming in the near future. The mystery of brain is the core secret.

Together, Ibrain, as a peer review Journal, is going to be published as soon as possible. This could provide a new platform for scientists and readers to communicate some issues about brain mystery. These could be involved in information brain, integrate brain, initial brain and so on. All of the discovery in Ibrain would push the progress in cross between brain structures research and informatics studies.

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