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Welcome to the online submission and editorial system for Ibrain.

Ibrain, as a new open access international journal, provides crucial platform for researchers to report their findings. Ibrain is a major new bimonthly journal publication from the world's leading publisher in brain science. Leading studies in cross-talk of bioinformatics and neuroscience are considered for publication. As a new journal, the Editorial Board reflects both the journal's truly international readership and wide coverage. The journal has a broad international perspective and acts as a focus for publication of major laboratory research and brain information science. The focus is on molecular, physiology, behavior, neurochemistry, developmental, cellular and molecular neurobiology. The journal publishes papers as follows:
Types of Papers:
Neuroscience progress, concerning new developments in the field of basic neuroscience.
Special articles, written by invited authors. References should be limited to 25.
Original articles, full-length papers devoted to the scope and purpose of the journal.
Reviews should provide a comprehensive and scholarly account of a topic that has direct
relevance to brain informative neuroscience and that has not recently been covered in the
Letters to the Editor, comments on articles in basic neuroscience recently published.

Scientific commentaries are short pieces relating to an article published in the journal.

These are submitted only by commission.

Ibrain is an international and comprehensive English journal in the field of neuroscience. We publish the advanced research about brain function, brain network, brain structure and brain imaging. We hope to provide a communication platform about  Basic & Translational Science and clinical practice for neuroscientists. Ibrain welcomes submissions all over the world, and would be modest to accept advices that are benefit to the advance of neuroscience development.


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