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Ibrain is an international open access journal that focused on the molecular mechanism study of cognition, behavior and mental processes, especially the molecular mechanism of abnormal appearance in injured brain regions or nerve system as recorded by funct-

ional neuroimaging techniques. The goal of this journal is to foster combination for Mole-

cular Biology, Neurobiology, Pathergasiology and Ethology, so a broad scope involving in any novelty molecular mechanism study of normal or abnormal cognition, behavior, mental processes is provided to publish. For it difficultly to find out an intact molecular mechanism, even the results only explained a novelty molecular mechanism of a single modification in cognition, behavior and mental processes could also be published in this journal. The journal’s publication criteria are based on the novelty of the molecular mechanism and rationality of the methodology and data.

Editor-in-Chief: Xin-Fu Zhou (Australia)

ISSN: 2313-1934

Available from 2015

issue:Volume 1 2, January 2016

Latest research
Lentivirus transducting Tropomyosin 4 promotes Neuronal Function Recovery by Up-regulating Interleukin-10 in... Backgroud/Aim: Tropomyosin 4 (TPM4), a marker of growth and regeneration in skeletal muscle, contributes to the nerve regeneration in vitro, but the role in spinal cord injury (SCI) and probable mechanism requi... Sheng-nan Li1,#, Yang Xiang1,#, Li-xing Zhang3,#, Xi Zeng1, Ying Rao1, Xi Hu1 , Fu Lv1, Yin-jie Niu1, Ying-jie Li1, Zheng Yang1, Xuan Guan1, Qing-Jie Xia2,*, Xiao Zhang1* Ibrain 2016;2(1):18-28

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The function of BDNF in rats subjected to conditioning leison in the spinal cord or cortex associated with ERK... Backgroud: Spinal cord and cortex with conditioning leison are a kind of neurological trauma which seriously jeopardized the health of human beings. They are devastating for society and individuals, in part owi... Piao Zhang1#, Chao-Hui Liang1#, Di-ke Qiu1, Yuan Jin1, Cheng-Fei Bi1, Yu-Shi1, Liu-Lin Xiong2, Jia Liu1* Ibrain 2016;2(4):153-160

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Transplant of NT-4 gene-modified fibroblasts improves cognitive functions via upregulation of BDNF in AD rats Background: Reduction of neurotrophic support in the aging brain is one of the possible mechanisms leading to the development of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Until now no disease-modifying therapy is available fo... Xiu-Juan Dong#, Zhi-Wei Chen#, Xu-yin Yang, Long-Wang Zhang, Rui-Shen Xie, Jian Liu1, Feng-Mei Yuan1, Long Hui Zhou*, Zhen-Wu Sun1* Ibrain 2016;2(1):9-17

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